A Participative Webinar with David Schrum

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David Schrum received his PhD in quantum theory at Queen’s University, following which he spent two post-doctoral years (1971-1973) with David Bohm at Birkbeck College. Here, he entered Bohm’s world of creative and subtle philosophical approaches to physics and his enquiry into consciousness and what may lie beyond. In the following years, he met with Bohm through dialogic work and other explorations of mind on many occasions. He continues these explorations into individual and collective mind and what it is to open out new consciousness.

David says. “Origins are often difficult to trace, but it seems to me that foundations of my perspective on dialogue were laid in teatime talks with David Bohm and fellow staff and students in the cafeteria of Birkbeck College in the early 1970s when I was a post-doctoral student. I can see, now, how David worked to cultivate in us a sense of unknowing and of inquiry, and beyond that an appreciation of the limits of knowledge and a sense of mystery. … As my approach to dialogue has grown from all of this, dialogue for me is less about methodology directed to specific ends, more toward undirected enquiry in unknowing.”

David Bohm indicates “that there is the possibility for a transformation of the nature of consciousness, both individually and collectively, and that whether this can be solved culturally and socially depends on dialogue. That’s what we’re exploring.”