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We are gearing up for two publicly available online workshops beginning in late October: Foundational History and Skills of Dialogue and Dialogue Application Design & Facilitation.

Foundational History and Skills of Dialogue

Eight 3-hour sessions | 18 Participants Max

Participants will journey through the history and theory of Dialogue as articulated by the late David Bohm. You’ll learn 4 essential skills for Dialogue participation and facilitation; guidelines; how to set up and hold the container using a shared-leadership approach to facilitation; and, will have an opportunity to practice the applications of dialogue in different settings, with coaching.

Dialogue Application Design & Facilitation

Eight 3-hour sessions | 18 Participants Max

This 10-week offering is for those who have attended the Foundational History and Skills of Dialogue program and want to take a deeper dive into applying and facilitating dialogue in diverse contexts with opportunities to immediately integrate the material and learnings into their own work.


When leaders decide to bring Dialogue in-house, one-on-one coaching can be critical to success. Dialogue transforms those who use and practice it leading to a culture of shared and participatory leadership. Most leaders depend on top/down processes for getting things done.  When leading change efforts top/down approaches are often short-lived and limited in overall impact.  By bringing Dialogue in-house, they will have a very different experience but will need to be ready to manage and maintain the higher levels of creativity and productivity being unleashed.  ADG’s coaching assists leaders in setting up and maintaining the conditions for a successful transition to a shared-leadership culture.

Depending on your application for ADG’s services, we will design a package of coaching sessions that will be tailored to supporting your organization’s successful implementation of your change effort.

We also can provide individualized coaching around conversational mastery: when and how to shift from divergent to convergent forms of communication for higher impact meetings.

And provide coaching around leadership strengths using Strengths Finder, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Appreciative Inquiry, and Firo-B (a communications-style assessment). These assessments can be useful in supporting a style shift from a more top/down approach to leadership to a shared-leadership one.

  • “We are creating a new design of cooperation in our business and asked Linda to help us evaluate personalities and craft policies for how we can best work together. Her process of evoking our points of view was easy and fun. Our final evaluations reflected back to me as very complimentary and helpful. Her insights also helped me to trust both business partners in a more profound way and recognize how their complementary strengths can be a huge asset to me in our work. Since working with Linda, I have been able to use this clarity of understanding in both business and personal relationships.”

    Cindy Cunningham, Community Specialist Green Key Real Estate

Organization Development Consulting

If you are struggling with complex organizational problems such as rapid growth, a declining market place, or the need for structural change to better fit you customer base, we provide consulting services by first working with you and your project team on a needs assessment.  This might result in our recommending possible interventions such as a team building retreat or a strategic and action planning session with those being affected by the issues you are experiencing.

  • “Linda’s excellent skill in leading strategic planning workshops has fully engaged our “Building Resilient Neighborhoods” community. She has contributed to efforts to improve our presentations and is forward thinking about taking the next steps to engage communities in dialogue and action around climate change mitigation and sustainability.”

    Barbara H. Warren, MD, MPH, Director Physicians for Social Responsibility (AZ Chapter)
  • “Linda was a tremendous support to the development of our team. She assessed our current status, helped us articulate our goals, and designed a process to get us where we wanted to go. At the end of our work with her, we all understood each other much better and had a vision for how we could work together.”

    Cassandra Ferrera, Community Specialist Green Key Real Estate

Virtual Meeting Facilitation & Building Virtual Community

Working across geographical distances is not only more sustainable in our world today, but it is becoming essential in harnessing the information required in leading large organizations and teams. While it is becoming more common to use video conferencing such as Skype and Zoom, there are times when it is helpful to have someone trained in helping make virtual meetings go easy for all. We are happy to facilitate and design your virtual meetings.

  • “Linda is able to invite and keep people engaged by stepping into roles that are essential for allowing a group to grow. Our collaborations are centered around learning from networking. Linda’s courage to take on the essential technologies that support our online conversational ‘meet ups’ has allowed the team to have fun learning together.”

    Sharon Joy Kleitsch The Connection Partners Inc.

Public Dialogue/Citizen Engagement

ADG designs and facilitates public Dialogues on topics of emergence facing communities and whole regions such as what to do in the face of increasing joblessness or how to handle messy environmental crises. Experiences that allow citizens to engage with those in the public sector in resolving local community and regional issues is becoming a more and more vital need today. Dialogue and other participatory processes are tailor-made for this important Citizen Engagement work.

  • “Linda was the main driving force in our team that convened a much-needed and extensive online conversation. She facilitated these professionals seeing how their skills can help transmute society’s 21st century mega-crises into positive transformational change. Her eagerness to dive so into thoughtfully designed experiments with emerging online dialogue opportunities was key to the entire initiative’s success.  She has since continued to contribute her considerable organizing and facilitation skills to further fundamental change, with a strategic eye towards results.  She is a rare transformational agent.”

    Tom Atlee, Founder Co-Intelligence Institute

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