Foundational History and Skills of Dialogue
October 29 – December 10
9am – 12pm PST/12pm – 3pm EST
Zoom platform

Bohm Dialogue offers a direct approach for healing the social fragmentation so prevalent in our organizations and society, and now considered to be one of the biggest security threats facing all life on our planet. Dialogue offers new ways of thinking and learning together that can help us solve many complex global problems: climate change, racial injustice, income inequality, and the shift towards authoritariasm. It also leads to more cohesive, collaborative, and productive organizations.

As Einstein noted in 1946: “We have learned to split the atom, yet we have not learned to think differently.”

In this 24 hour, 8-session online workshop we will focus on the basic skills, history, and foundation of Bohm-inspired Dialogue. Participants will learn how to participate in and introduce Dialogue into diverse settings. This is an experiential course, with time set aside to integrate the skills and guides through multiple practice Dialogue sessions. During a three-week break, participants will have time to explore their own applications with group coaching in the final session.

Price: $1360 per person

Group size: up to 18 Individuals

Co-Facilitators: Linda Ellinor & Glenna Gerard

Dialogue Application Design & Facilitation
Dates to be announced in January 2022
8am – 11am PST/11am- 2pm EST
Zoom Platform

This 8-session offering is for those who have attended the Foundational History and Skills of Dialogue program and want to take a deeper dive into applying and facilitating dialogue in diverse contexts with opportunities to immediately integrate the material and learnings into their own work.

Each 3-hour module will involve interim work applying material to each person’s specific working context. During the 8 sessions, each person will receive one 1-1 coaching session with Linda or Glenna.

Group size: up to 18 Individuals

Pre-requisite: Foundations of Dialogue

Co-Facilitators: Linda Ellinor & Glenna Gerard

Facilitator Bios

Linda Ellinor

Linda has a passion for learning about the work of all who have contributed to the field of Dialogue. She is a voracious researcher, reading and interviewing people in the field. This coupled with natural talent for synthesizing and integrating means that when you attend one of our programs, you’ll get the full benefit of her research and synthesis. And she’ll thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversations about your work and ways you can apply Dialogue.

Written by Glenna Gerard

Linda has been a leader, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in the corporate world, as a consultant and business owner. She is best known for her pioneering work in developing a form of Dialogue grounded in the work of David Bohm. She co-authored the book with Glenna: Dialogue:The Transforming Power of Conversation (1998, Wiley & Sons).

Her business experience includes having worked for AT&T, International Paper Company, Exxon Office Systems, and a

start-up company, called Mnemos.In these companies she held marketing positions translating customer needs into new products and services.She has a decade of experience as an out-placement consultant for Drake, Beam, Morin and as an executive coach in the Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership Develop Program. She developed a wellness center modeling sustainable business practices outside Tucson, AZ from the mid 2000s to 2015 and served in a variety of pro-bono climate change organizations including Sustainable Tucson and the Tucson Climate Change Committee.

Linda currently sits on the US Board of the Academy of Professional Dialogue as Vice President, holds video-recorded interviews with seasoned professionals within the Bohm-inspired Dialogue community and runs monthly global dialogues. She holds an MBA from Columbia University, a BS from New York University, and has completed a PhD program in Jungian psychology with Pacifica Graduate Institute. She lives close to the beach in Dana Point, CA with her partner, Rocky, and newly adopted Himalayan cat.

Glenna Gerard

Glenna is a creative designer of programs and a master at shared facilitation. She naturally understands the underlying form of Bohm-inspired dialogue and how to apply it in challenging contexts. In working with her, you will learn the subtle art of bringing both conscious and tacit level material into the conversation so that the group can unfold itself in wholistic ways.

Written by Linda Ellinor

Glenna is a gifted facilitator, coach, experiential learning designer, business leader, and consultant with 30+ years of experience working in both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Her passion is designing and facilitating developmental experiences that support building capacity for intentional development and collective wisdom in service of creating profound results.

In the 1990s Glenna pioneered the development of Bohm-inspired Dialogue and with Linda co-authored: Dialogue: Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation, (John Wiley & Sons, 1998).

In addition to her work with Dialogue, Glenna creates guided experiences, partnering with nature. The goal – to build individual and collective capacity for inner stillness, self-awareness, and the wisdom to discern ‘what is needed now’ for the wellbeing of a given living system.

Glenna graduated from Columbia University, NY with a BS in Chemical Engineering. She lives in Northern New Mexico with her partner Dave and enjoys Kiteboarding and rafting through the Grand Canyon.

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