Foundational History and Skills of Dialogue

This 6-week virtual class will take participants through the history and theory of Dialogue as articulated by the late David Bohm. Participants will learn the 4 basic skills or building blocks of Dialogue, guidelines, how to set up and hold the container using a shared leadership approach to facilitation, and will have an opportunity to practice applications with coaching before the final class which will consider the many ways Dialogue can be applied in work and other settings.

  • Module 1: History of Dialogue / Guided learning / Dialogue for an hour / Reflect (2 hrs total)
  • Module 2: Suspension of Judgement / Dialogue / Reflect (2 hrs total)
  • Module 3: Assumption of Identification / Group Breakout / Dialogue / Reflect (2 hrs total)
  • Module 4: Listening Skills / Experiential Exercise / Dialogue / Reflect (2 hrs total)
  • Module 5: Inquiry & Reflection / Experiential Exercise / Dialogue / Reflect (2 hrs total)
    (During a 1-month break, participants will be coached by Glenna and Linda in applying Dialogue within their personal work settings)
  • Module 6: Applications Review/ Dialogue / Reflect (2 hrs total)

Price: $695 per person

Group size: 10 to 14 Individuals

Co-Facilitators: Linda Ellinor & Glenna Gerard

Dialogue Application Design & Facilitation

An 8-session, 12-week webinar series with interim assignments and 1-1 coaching with Linda and Glenna.

This program provides an opportunity for you to:

  • learn and use a framework for designing and facilitating Dialogue sessions
  • create and utilize a set of design principles for impactful Dialogue
  • create and test a design for a Dialogue application
  • receive coaching on your application and design questions
  • create strategies for various Dialogue challenges
  • create a design for a Dialogue application you will facilitate
  • consider the impact of shadow on Dialogue design and facilitation

Price: $995 per person

Group size: 10 to 14 Individuals

Pre-requisite: Foundations of Dialogue

Co-Facilitators: Linda Ellinor & Glenna Gerard

Dialogue Strategies & Virtual/On-line Tools for Building Community

Dialogue Facilitators:

“I don’t consider myself tech-savvy.”

“There are too many tools to keep up with.”

“I think that in-person Dialogue is all that interests me.”

Average Millennials:

“Can’t I just do that online?”

“I can’t believe I have to actually get in a car to go there.”

Every day, more and more Americans are using online tools for everyday activities like banking and shopping for groceries. High-quality Dialogue is every bit as essential, and there’s an opportunity for Dialogue methods to reach new generations of Americans who are immersed in technology. Now more than ever, they are ready for creative and engaging online Dialogue experiences that provide meaning, depth, and connection that they cannot find anywhere else.

For better or worse, these Dialogue experiences won’t create themselves. They need to be de-signed and facilitated by those who have years of experience studying the dynamics of effective in-person Dialogue. This is where you come in!

You are invited to join us in a 5-week course and to become a member of a small but passionate and growing community of practitioners who are learning to make Dialogue more accessible to more people through a thoughtful and mindful approach to technology.


  • Gain confidence with digital tools:
    • Video Teleconferencing with Breakout Rooms
    • World Cafe
    • Open Space
    • Dialogue
    • Collective Note Taking
    • Calendaring
    • Google Calendar
    • Doodling
    • Newsletters
    • Live Chat
    • Root-Cause Analysis
    • Written (listserve) Conversations
    • Sharing Resources (Documents, Videos, Web-sites)
    • File sharing (Google Drive)
  • How to customize QQC for a specific community of practice
    • Conducting a Needs Analysis
  • Strategies for how to introduce a digital platform into a community
  • Creating the conditions for great online dialogue
  • Strategies for supporting your community financially
    • paid live events, membership fees, etc.
  • Strategies for building networks and community

Price: $295 per person

Date: January 10th, 3:30 pm to 5:30pm PT/6:30 – 8:30pm ET

Group Size: 10 to 14 Individuals

Co-Facilitators: Linda Ellinor & Lucas Cioffi

Note:  There will be an opportunity to join an alumni group that will serve as a learning community for $20/month.  This will allow graduates of this course to repeat any classes  either missed or wanting more depth on certain subjects to continue interacting and contributing to their learning experiences and growth of this group.

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