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We live in a VUCA world:  one that is increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.  Leading in such a world can feel like steering a roller-coaster.  What can we do?

It sounds crazy but rather than matching the frenzy of the roller coaster, we can stop, and decide to ‘not do’ anything.  That’s right, we stop.  Stop the roller-coaster.

We enter the space-time of Dialogue by agreeing to not make decisions or try pushing against the mountain of our problems.   We agree to listen, inquire, and understand deeply what is really going on.

By entering this space-time of Dialogue, going slow at first, we go faster later.  The going faster later is the ‘action’ part of Action Dialogue.  By the time we get to the ‘action’ part, everything feels coherent and aligned.  Decisions come easily.  Everyone knows what to do.

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Why Action Dialogue Matters

Resting on the theory that our world is an undivided whole, Action Dialogue builds on the work of the late David Bohm.  Bohm, a quantum physicist who turned to philosophy and social psychology to make sense of his life and scientific findings, proposed a form of conversation  called Dialogue.  Dialogue brings coherence to those who practice it.

In Dialogue we suspend judgement to allow the free flow of ideas.  New insights emerge as people begin to think deeply together, reflecting, inquiring into assumptions and getting to the roots of issues.  Dialogue promotes ‘shared leadership.’  All participants take responsibility for their experience.  This way of conversing continues into daily life.  A culture becomes more fluid and is self correcting. No waiting for a list of orders to come down from on high.  Everyone sees how decisions cohere after dialogue.

Our Services


We host regularly scheduled webinars that teach the foundational skills of Dialogue and its application, as well as strategies and online tools for building virtual communities anywhere. Click here for details


When leaders bring Dialogue into their organizations, coaching is critical to its success. Dialogue creates a culture of shared and participatory leadership alternative to the top/down approaches of the past. Click here for details.  


Whether a conference, retreat, workshop or meeting, Dialogue can be used to flesh out complex problems and give way to the creative thinking that is essential in problem resolution. Click here for details.


Virtual Dialogue
Working across geographical distances is becoming essential in harnessing the information required to lead large organizations & teams. It can be vital to have someone trained in helping make virtual meetings go easy for all. Click here for details


Citizen Engagement
Fostering Dialogue on emergence topics facing communities is a complex situation. However, engaging citizens alongside those in the public sector in resolving local community issues is in vital need today. Click here to learn more.

Linda’s skills helped us clearly understand our target markets and in reaching out to the various groups more effectively and efficiently. Linda’s contribution in negotiations, hosting of meetings, planning for events and marketing was a significant boost to understanding priorities as a council and among our Board of Directors.  We stayed on task with goals and honored our accomplishments. I am grateful she was part of our team!

Erik Roth, Executive Director
Board of Directors/School

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