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We offer periodic public Dialogues on a variety of topics on a first-come, first reserved basis. You can register for any of the upcoming events below.

We’ll send you a confirmation once we have a minimum number of people who have signed up and then a link from which to join the actual Dialogue. Note that some have actual dates and times, others are open without dates. If you sign up for ones that are open, you will get a doodle poll with possible dates and times to fill in.

If you have questions, please contact

Climate Conversations: up to 2 hours

Join this conversation on climate change to experience how Dialogue can help to break down the barriers in being able to talk about this overwhelming and ‘wicked’ problem.

Conversations for Leaders: 2 hours

In this facilitated virtual conversation, leaders will be able to experience a taste of what it is like to participate in a Dialogue with other leaders. We will follow the energy in the group and land on a topic that has the most interest for us all. There will be time at the end for reflection and questions for how to bring Dialogue into your organization, team, or community.

An Experience of Dialogue: up to 2 hours

In these open conversations newcomers to Dialogue can taste the power of spontaneous, free-flowing conversation within a safe container. We will follow the natural energy of the group by starting with those topics that are keeping any of us up at night. There will be time at the end for reflection on the experience and for questions about how Dialogue might be a next step for your organization, team or community.

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