A Participative Webinar with Thomas Klug

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Thomas Klug is an experienced dialogue practitioner, having implemented dialogue in corporate, government, and non-profit
sectors. He was a General Manager at ContiTech for many years before starting his own consulting firm, Cogitamus where his work is Transformation, Leadership Development and Innovation. Cogitmus means “we think together and not alongside of each other or against each other.” Through his long experience Thomas will share with us the good and bad about implementing dialogue in organizational settings. Through his corporate and consulting work Thomas has developed his own blend of processes that include Dialog, Theory U, Spiral Dynamics, Integral and Systemic approaches and Learning Organization. Here is a diagram of one of his blended processes.

Thomas has a dream about how to use dialogue at the interface between institutions (companies, administration, universities,
schools) and initiatives (NGOs, movements, and. projects). He believes dialogue can help to overcome fragmentation and support
real encounters between these different groups.

Thomas believes our current problems are far too important to leave to politicians only! He calls these arenas “Regional Ecosystems.” The term suggests the interdependence of the players in the region, who therefore should not act in isolation from each other.

Thomas’s work has taken him around the world, including Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Iran, China, Pakistan Tajikstan and Bhutan.