A Participative Webinar with Jim Tebbe

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Jim is an organization development consultant that has worked alongside many of our most prestigious Academy members, Jane Ball, Peter Garret, and Beth Macy, during his 33 years with Shell Oil. While working for Shell, Jim led numerous learning and OD initiatives, focusing on dialogue, action learning, team effectiveness, coaching, and David Kantor’s work. Since leaving Shell, Jim has been working as a freelance organization effectiveness consultant.

It is Kantor’s work on operating models that he will share with us in the upcoming webinar.

Kantor suggests that in the absence of awareness of our operating models, we can easily misinterpret the results of our actions, and that our thinking may be more accountable for a given outcome than other’s thinking. Hence, the value of the practice of modelbuilding is to help us get clear about how we think as agents for change so we can become more aware of our influence on the impact or results deriving from our actions.

We will explore the assumptions and beliefs we each hold about our theory of self, theory of change, and theory of the client during the webinar.